Durere in suflet… Soul pain..

V-am vorbit candva despre prietena mea Geanina care are cancer cerebral de gradul 3. Dupa 2 operatii la spitalul de neurochirurgie din Iasi i s-a spus ca lucrurile merg din ce in ce mai rau, celulele canceroase extinzandu-se pe creier si chiar si in afara cutiei craniene. Avanseaza cu repeziciune, iar medicii din romania nu mai au ce face pentru ea. Dupa multe cautari, a gasit o clinica de specialitate in Germania care i-a dat o speranta, doar ca sperantele se agata de bani, de FOARTE MULTI BANI!! I-au cerut 60 000 de euro pentru o noua operatie care sa ii dea sanse la viata.
Geanina a ajuns aseara la urgente la spitalul de neurochirurgie din Iasi, caci a paralizat complet pe partea stanga. Medicii de aici o supravegheaza doar, caci nu au ce sa ii faca. Nu are banii necesari pentru a pleca in Germania.

Clinica de acolo i-a cerut ca marti, 11 august, sa depuna in contul sau suma de 50 000 euro pentru a putea fi consultata si pregatita pentru operatie. Geanina are in prezent doar 21000 stransi. Deci in 3 zile, din care 2 de weekend, cand nu se fac viramente bancare, mai trebuie stransi 29 000 euro!!!

Este atat de greu sa ceri bani altora pentru a avea sansa sa traiesti, sa iti vezi fetita crescand. Geanina are o fetita de 7 ani, un copil foarte sensibil si timid care are permanent nevoie de sprijinul mamei, sprijin care ii lipseste de ceva vreme, caci Geanina se simte foarte rau. Nu a vrut sa impovareze pe nimeni cerand bani, greu s-a lasat filmata, insa disperarea de mama indurerata a facut-o sa ne ceara ajutorul.

I told you previously of my friend, Geanina, who is suffering from brain cancer, 3rd stage. After 2 unsuccessful surgeries at the Neurosurgery Hospital in Iasi, the doctors announced her that her situation is getting worse, that the cancer cells are rapidly growing and dividing, not only on her brain, but also outside the skull. The Romanian doctors can’t do anything for her…

So, after a lengthy research, she has found a specialised clinic in Germany that has offered her the hope she needed, but her hopes depend on money. LOTS OF MONEY! The clinic estimated around 60,000 euro the costs of a new surgery that can possibly save her life.

On Sunday, Geanina has been taken to the ER at the Neurosurgery Hospital in Iasi because her left side is now completely paralysed. She is just under observation as the doctors there cannot help her. But she doesn’t have the necessary funds to go to Germany either.

The German clinic demanded that 50,000 euro to be deposited in its account until Tuesday, 11 of August, in order for Geanina to be seen by a specialist and prepared for her lifesaving surgery. Now, Geanina has only 21,000 euro. Therefore, in only 3 days (2 of them non-working days in which bank transfers are not possible), an amount of 29,000 euro needs to be gathered.It’s so hard to ask others for money in order to have the chance to live, to see your little girl growing up.

Geanina has a 7-year-old girl, a very sensitive and shy child who needs her mother’s constant support, a support that her mother has been unable to offer for some time now because of her worsening physical condition. Geanina doesn’t want to burden anyone by asking for money. She was reluctant in getting herself filmed, but the desperation and distress of motherhood determined her to ask us for help.


Pentru persoanele care vor sa trimita un ajutor financiar va pun la dispozitie urmatoarele date:

For those who want to help financially, you will find here below, the necessary information:

Banca Transilvania Iasi, Cod swift BTRLRO22, Cod BIC: BTRL.
Cont lei: RO88BTRL02401201734297XX
Cont euro: RO86BTRLEURCRT0073429701
Cont PayPal: gyany_yany@yahoo.com

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